Holistic Treatments for your personal wellbeing
Holistic Treatments for your personal wellbeing
Greenwood Natural Therapies tel: 07974 184 438 email: lisa@gntherapies.co.uk
Greenwood Natural Therapies tel: 07974 184 438email: lisa@gntherapies.co.uk

Facial Acupressure Massage

A gentle massage designed to ease tension & rejuvenate the skin.  This treatment incorporates the use of acupressure, lymphatic drainage & massage to the face, head, neck & ears in order to improve the skin’s circulation & appearance.  By stimulating the facial meridians & tsubos (acupressure points) we can improve blood & lymphatic circulation. This treatment is also a wonderful way to aid headaches, decongestion & blocked sinuses.  The face will look healthier & with regular treatments signs of ageing can be minimised.  A great, non-invasive lift for the face!  Come and visit my treatment room in Chiswell Green and enjoy this beautiful, holistic facial treatment!


1 hour treatment  -  £45

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