Holistic Treatments for your personal wellbeing
Holistic Treatments for your personal wellbeing
Greenwood Natural Therapies tel: 07974 184 438 email: lisa@gntherapies.co.uk
Greenwood Natural Therapies tel: 07974 184 438email: lisa@gntherapies.co.uk

Indian Head Massage

A relaxing, soothing holistic treatment which involves massage & the use of acupressure to the upper back, arms, shoulders, neck, scalp & face.  Benefits include improved circulation & lymphatic drainage, relief from blocked sinuses, headaches & eye strain, stimulation of hair growth, relief from tension/anxiety and a deep sense of relaxation & well-being.  


Often my clients like to combine this treatment with some reflexology or a general back massage, I'm always happy to discuss mixing & matching treatments as it's a great way to get the best results for you as a customer.  Feel free to call me and we can discuss your requirements, that way I can deliver a treatment that is designed just for you!


55 minute treatment  -  £40

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