Holistic Treatments for your personal wellbeing
Holistic Treatments for your personal wellbeing
Greenwood Natural Therapies tel: 07974 184 438 email: lisa@gntherapies.co.uk
Greenwood Natural Therapies tel: 07974 184 438email: lisa@gntherapies.co.uk


Reflexology is an ancient therapy which involves the application of pressure (using fingertips & thumbs) to the reflex areas found in the feet,  These reflex areas correspond to all parts of the body.


Stimulating the reflexes on the foot can help with many health, emotional and hormonal problems in a completely natural way, encouraging the body & mind to begin to heal itself.  In short, it is an excellent way to bring balance to the body, mind & spirit.


I have been a reflexologist in St. Albans and Chiswell Green since 2005 and I am still amazed at how powerful this simple treatment can be!  I have a particular interest in female hormonal imbalances and have had some great success with treating the symptoms of menopause, peri-menopause and pre-menstrual tension.  Reflexology can also be a wonderful way to alleviate insomnia, stress and anxiety/panic disorders and can also be mixed with massage or reiki for an even more relaxing and powerful treatment.  Feel free to get in touch for more information - as always I am happy to tailor-make a bespoke treatment in order to get the very best results for you as an individual.




1 hour treatment  -  £45

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