Holistic Treatments for your personal wellbeing
Holistic Treatments for your personal wellbeing
Greenwood Natural Therapies tel: 07974 184 438 email: lisa@gntherapies.co.uk
Greenwood Natural Therapies tel: 07974 184 438email: lisa@gntherapies.co.uk


Usui Reiki is a natural, energy-based form of healing that works on restoring balance to the mind, body & soul by unblocking vital chi/ki energy.  Reiki is a deeply relaxing treatment & can help with many issues, including stress/anxiety reduction, insomnia, chronic pain & hormonal imbalances.  It can aid mental clarity & brings an increased sense of well-being & spirituality.


My Reiki treatment room in Chiswell Green is a calm and peaceful place to receive Reiki.  The treatment is performed with the client lying down fully clothed on a massage couch.  If you haven't tried Reiki before, why not give it a try.  It is a very simple but extremely powerful therapy and one of my absolute favourites!  Reiki can also be combined with massage & reflexology, bringing a new element into the therapy.  



1 hour treatment  -  £45

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